Monday, 9 May 2011



70s by kathleenxx_ featuring a bow hat

Joyrich short top
$48 -

Sonia Rykiel studded sandal
$1,087 -

$94 -

Steven Alan bow hat
$135 -

Cheryl Eyelashes
5 GBP -


There is no pant more that is more dramatic, more translatable and more fierce than the palazzo: it even means palace in Italian!  Elongating your leg, cincing in your waist and, when paired with your secret weapon (VERY high heels).. they make you unstoppable.

Case in point:

1. Office 

Violet Trousers, Kirsty Doyle

2. City 

Red Flower Print Wide Leg Culottes, Topshop

3. Disco

Crystal Pocket Detail Palazzo Trousers,

These trousers will most definitely  make the jump over to Summer '11 in one flail swoop: but how are you gonna wear yours?

Monday, 7 February 2011


It's February and we are still stuck in this dreary moodswing weather.. but being British, we get on with it.  Not with a stiff upper lip, but with an injection of COLOUR !
Spring's palette is awash with pastels, fluoros and block colours, so make it pop until we make it to April.. here's how:

1. Make like WAH Nails and get happy hands with a brush of highlighter orange

WAH Nails

2. If you're brave enough, block your colours; Christopher Kane pioneered this in his Spring 2011 show.  If you're not ready for pure colour, add a fierce studded belt and a wide brimmed fedora to rock it on the street.

Christopher Kane, Spring 2011

3. Subtle pops of colour are a simple way to bring any outfit bang up to date.  Rock this skirt with black opaques and maybe a slick of Ruby Woo lipstick and you've got yourself a statement.

Petra silk-satin tiered mini skirt, Joseph

Suck up this weather and practice your Spring wardrobe- you'll be a pro by the time the daffodils come out to play.

Friday, 4 February 2011

directions, please?!

Rubbish weather we've been having, isn't it?  Yes yes, that was a very British comment- but the temperature isn't the half of it.. my wardrobe just isn't catering to winter and ultimately..

my fashion compass is WAY off!

So, I've been shifting away from trends and taking a lotta inspiration from this guy:

The crisp shirt, the cape that will hide a multitude of sins and the sleek styled hair is everything you need to suture your wardrobe 'til Spring.. here's a pick of my Dracula friendly favourites:

Estabrook Python-Trimmed Leather Mini Skirt, The Row

Leather Quilted Glove, ASOS

Wool Cape Coat, Aqua

Super Suspender, House of Holland

Artisan Shirt, Albam

stop press!

Okay, so I haven't blogged in like a million years- which is a SIN, I know- but give a girl a break.. I've still been rocking up my heels and making hiccups so you don't have to.  But something has shaken the fashion world and myself which I felt I must report on

Kate Moss is engaged..

Now, of course I am completely and utterly overjoyed and CANNOT wait to see that wedding dress, but I'm quite concerned that this Croydon coquette is going to melt into married life and not provide the amazingly cool antics she gets up to.  Let's take a look at some of her finer moments..

Wait a minute.. this is Kate fucking Moss.. there is no way this girl is gonna slow down.  Miss Moss, congratulations, stay hot, stay wild and never change.

All images obtained from Google, I do not own them!

Friday, 10 September 2010

baby, it's cold out there

Now, as you, me and everyone in the English speaking world knows.. British weather sucks. So! The return of layering couldn't come at a better time. But how can you rock it without looking like the Michelin man plus a nipped in belt?! Follow this guide, that's how..

1. Don't Overdo It

Yes, mega layering looks ace on the cat walk or the slopes, but running for the bus à la Issey Miyake A/W 2010 will leave you looking like a tardy lunatic with a penchant for scarves.

Issey Miyake, A/W 2010

2. Make Like Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari, A/W 2010

Light fabrics, neutral colours and big necklaces.. Ticks all the boxes. But instead of the jersey pants, I can't help but see a grey A-Line skirt... Like this one!

A-Line Skirt, COS

Belt it, add heels and you got yourself a city friendly look.

3. Just Add Shearling

If like me, you're still grasping onto the last throws of summer, work from here.

J. Crew, A/W 2010

J. Crew have based this style around the classic denim shirt and shorts combo from those balmy afternoons. To make this look acceptable (and warm enough) for the blistering temperatures of inner city streets, layer up with wool tights, thick boyfriend cardigans an shearling, shearling, shearling.

You have about three weeks until you officially need to put away those floral vintage dresses and start wrapping up with wild abandon.. Choose your layers wisely.

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Friday, 27 August 2010

boy, girl

Oh.  My.  GOD.  Have you seen the incredible pictures of Lady Gaga or 'Jo Calderone' in September's issue of Japanese Vogue?!

Don't believe it's her?  Me neither.. take a closer look:

See it now?  I love love love the whole idea of it.. kind of like a fuck you to the whole 'hermaphrodite' rumour, very imaginative.  Now.. of course, this has a tenuous sartorial link;


There's something innately sexy about women in men's clothing.  Fresh, crisp, oversized, white shirt?  Smouldering.  Long, slim, cigarette pants?  Gorgeous.  Add a slick of Ruby Woo and bedhead hair and you're good to go.  Here's a pick of my favourite mannish silhouettes:

Alpaca V-neck Cardigan, Alexander Wang

Cropped Crepe Tuxedo Pants, Alexander Wang 

Laurent Cotton-blend Blouse, Elizabeth and James

But woah, woah- there's a fine line between sexy androgyny and Charlie Chaplin- so you've gotta work the killer heels.. v v fierce with tapered pants.

Your boyfriend's wardrobe just got a whole lot more exciting...